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Trailer stabilizers

RV Camping

At Piliers de l’Estrie, our RV stabilizers are  designed to offer maximum stability to your installations. Say goodbye to big cement blocks, boards and oil jacks.

That said, we also offer surface pillars, which can be useful for RVs and patios, as well as other applications.

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

Description and quality of the trailer stabilizer Deluxe F17

  • Robust and lightweight metal stabilizer (10 kg)
  • Cylinder rod coated with zinc and provided with a lubrication point
  • Load capacity of up to 5000 lb (2275 Kg)
  • 2 adjustment sizes available, including 17 inches and 28 inches

Whether you are a seasonal or permanent user, there are a number of different reasons to level your RV, including better sleep, a functioning refrigeration system, proper water tank readings and to avoid damaging or binding your slide-outs.

Our products offer simple installation, excellent stability and lifetime warranty.

Don't forget that our ecological firelogs are also ideal for camping! They take very little space and can be easily stacked! They are also environmentally friendly and accepted in the United States.