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Pillar supports and tops

M9 Top, U9-L9 Supports

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M35 Top, M6 Support

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M9 Top, F9 Support

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M3A Top

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PS et PE

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Other products

Parking stop

Although we manufacture concrete pillars, we also manufacture parking bumpers ( apron parking).

These strips of 1.80 meters (6 feet) by 20 cm (8 ") have two possible heights, either the standard 18 cm (7") or 11 cm (4 ").

Made of reinforced concrete, the bumpers are designed to be anchored to the ground with two metal rods.

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

Clothesline pole

For clothesline poles, we manufacture poles that adapt to our off-centre pillars. The standard poles are 10 cm (4'') in diameter and 3.60 metres (12 feet) high. If you need a longer pole, we can arrange that!

The pole is painted in black. It is closed at its highest point and equipped with a metal hook for your pulley. It also comes with a pre-drilled plate that you can fix on a pillar top. The mechanism is adjustable to achieve a perfect level.

Metal barrier

On order, we can also manufacture metal barriers. The barriers are compatible with our offset pillars and they provide strong and affordable security solutions if you’re looking to secure your residential or commercial premises.