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Firewood and ambience logs

Piliers de l’Estrie is one of the largest distributors of ecological firewood in the Eastern Townships.

Put the cards on the table with ecological logs

Ecologically friendly, our firelogs are made from sawmill residues. Their composition is only made of densified sawdust. When burned, logs without bark or sap produce 58% less harmful particles. Moreover, their combustion is almost total and ashes are practically non-existent.

Why don't you do that?

The benefits of ecological firelogs are multifold: 75% less storage space, no bugs, no humidity, very clean, constant product year after year, very practical log format for storage, minimum operating maintenance, price similar to natural wood! Contact us for more information.

In closing

Whether you’re looking to play your part as a responsible citizen or you are just interested with the ease of use of ecological firelogs, contact us to learn more about our high-performance logs, which greatly deserve all the praise sent their way.

They are a guarantee of success for the environment and especially for your wallet.

Their effectiveness is undeniable, but they must be tamed.

The energy released is 20% to 35% higher than that of natural wood. They contain 5 times less moisture than a normal log.

That said, remember this. Less moisture equals fast and vivid burning. Under these circumstances, the supply of air becomes essential to slow down this combustion.

What is interesting is that by reducing the air intake, you will generate more heat and lose less energy through the chimney. In practice, this is how ecological logs become constant.

A small reminder

If you are in the market for ecological firewood, be vigilant because there are a number of them that exist: intense and fast, moderate logs and long-lasting logs.

The choice and quantity is important depending on the type of heating you are going for.

There is also the density (hardness) of the product, which has a direct effect on the combustion time in the same way as hardwood vs. softwood. It is better to be well advised.

Source: Les Piliers de l' Estrie

For the past 6 years, the most important principle at Piliers de l’Estrie has been committed to offering the best ecological firewood products and to remain the benchmark in Quebec.

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

Our logs

1- Hollow log (designed for starting or ambient fires, burns 1-3 hours)

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

1- 3 lb log (engineered for starting or ambient lighting, burns for 1-3 hours)

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

2- Wood brick (designed for heating, burns for 3-5 hours)

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

2- 5 lb log (designed for heating and ambient fires, burns for 3 to 5 hours)

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

3- Night wood block (Burns very slowly, 5-8 hours)

Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke

All logs are made of 100% hardwood for the best possible heating quality.

We also have the most efficient hardwood pellets that give off less than 1% ash, 6% moisture. 8500 btu/lb.

Trial kit

If you’re looking to try our logs before making the big jump, we have a trial kit that we think you will appreciate. This product will allow you to do your tests and see if the ecological logs are right for you.

Our trial kits start at $75.50

  • 3 packs of hollow logs
  • 8 packs of wood bricks
  • 2 packs of night wood blocks
  • Fire-starters
Ecological firelogs Sherbrooke