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Manufacturer of Concrete Pillars

Piliers de l’Estrie is a manufacturer of standard and custom construction materials.

We operate in and around Sherbrooke.

RBQ : 5704-5130-01

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Operating out of Sherbrooke, Piliers de l’Estrie specializes in the manufacture of concrete pillars and patios.

Precast, our construction materials allow you to decorate your outdoor space quickly and easily.

Whether your project is a patio cover, deck or retaining wall, our products are sturdy, resistant and durable!

We also specialize in the sale of eco-friendly alternatives to burning wood and lightweight trailer stabilizers.

With a heavy duty construction, our stabilizers are easy to operate and offer great stability.

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Our concrete pillars are suitable for all types of project


We are a team of professionals

At Piliers de l’Estrie, we have a long history of working alongside construction experts and property developers! Why that is, you may ask?

The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to always deliver superior quality products at affordable prices.

Drawing on years of industry experience, we also have the technical expertise to manufacture superior-quality products, including slabs, parking blocks and curb stops.

We leverage our know-how to ensure your satisfaction.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements! From concrete parking bumpers to parking stops, we make it all.

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Our wealth of experience is our forte


We are:

  • Dynamic
  • Efficient
  • Experienced

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